J. F. Henry Kitchen & Tableware

J. F. Henry Kitchen & Tableware has been in business for over 25 years. We have hundreds of patterns beautifully displayed, with most at everyday sale prices from 30% to 40% off the suggested retail.

4445 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116


To help realize these intentions, Rosanna designs tableware as stunning as it is soulful. Rosanna's style is one rooted in tradition and finished with a modern twist. Her products make memories and create community. They help us understand what the Good Life is all about.

6755 East Marginal Way S Bldg B Seattle, WA 98108

Starlight Registry

At this time, no options existed besides asking guests to gift cash, but many guests expressed that they wanted to purchase real gifts. Starlight Registry emerged as a tactful way for couples to receive cash, while retaining the gifting experience that is important to all gift givers.

230 Skinner Building, 1326 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101