Indiana Wedding Photographers

Life/Style Photography

Serving the Elkhart, Mishawaka, Osceola, South Bend and surrounding market with distinctive photography. High School Seniors, Families, Children, Location, and Maternity.


Studio B

Studio B is a small custom studio specializing in capturing life's special moments! The fine work created by Daniel Knight cumulates from 25 years of study and practice This together with his extraordinary artistic talent to create fine photographic portraiture, is why your portrait will be like...


Quick Pic Photo

Quick Pic Photo Lab & Photography has been serving the Bloomington community continuously since 1982 with professional photo finishing and photography.


Jerry Goldberg Photography

7 teams of photographers covering weddings and 3 portrait photographers. Sensitive enough to know each wedding is different and special to that couple.

7463 Avalon Trail Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Benjamin Gardiner Photography

I still love the romanticism of photography and the opportunity it gives me to constantly work with new people. I enjoy capturing special, one-of-a-kind moments that become a finished product that lasts a lifetime.


Dale Pickett Photography

The world is my studio is more than a nice little phrase I came up with a few years ago when trying to describe my work. It’s more of a philosophy and way of applying my craft, not just in a controlled studio, but everywhere there is vision and passion for the art in the world around us.


Megelaine Images

Will capture the moments of your wedding day, the laughter, tears, the beginning of together forever. Photographic style is a balanced mix of creativity, fun, romance, emotion & timeless classics.

6173 Rosslyn Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46220